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Hi Daniel San,

Appreciate it if you could advise the best train tickets to buy for my below plan: thank you.
Day 1 - arrive Nagoya airport
Day 2 - Nagoya
Day 3- Nagoya- Osaka
Day 4 - Osaka -Kyoto -Osaka
Day 5 - Osaka - Kobe- Osaka
Day 6 - Osaka- Hiroshima-osaka
Day 7 - Osaka
Day 8 - Osaka
Day 9 - Osaka - Tokyo
Day 10 - Tokyo -Yokohama-tokyo
Day 11- Tokyo-gala yuwaza-tokyo
Day 12 -Tokyo
Day 13 - Tokyo
Day 14- depart haneda airport

Newton Yang
Newton Yang

Hello Newton Yang,

I think the best option for your itinerary would be a 14 day JR Pass. It covers all rail travel between the cities you plan to visit and you would just need one ticket for all your travel.

The only part what the JR Pass does not cover is Nagoya airport - Nagoya station. However you can activate the JR Pass at Nagoya station and start using it right away.

With the JR Pass you do get unlimited travel and that is an invitation to exploring Japan. It becomes very easy to make a day trip almost anywhere. For instance while in Osaka, you could head to Nara or Himeji. From Tokyo it is great to make a visit to Nikko.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel San

Thank you for the quick response.

Please help me with the following:

  1. Is a JR West pass available for my day 3 to 6 only?
  2. Is a 7 day JR pass worthwhile for day 3 to 9?


Newton Yang
Newton Yang

Hi again!

A 7 day JR Pass would also work for 3-9, however given that extra travel t Gala Yuzawa and within Tokyo I would go for a 14 day JR Pass.

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