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I saw in an earlier post that somebody was wondering if you could go by train between Nagoya and Hiroshima and the answer was that it took 168min ( ca 2,8 h), is that true?What is the name of that train? I have a 21 days Railway Pass, does it cover this length of travel?

The reason I am going to Hiroshima is to visit Miyajima and the temples there, I guess that the ferry is not included in the JR pass? Do you have an idea how much the ferry costs?



Hi there!

Here's a sample itinerary from Nagoya to Hiroshima valid for use with the Japan Rail Pass that clocks in at 163mins! You will need to use both Kodama and Sakura Shinkansen services for the fastest route here, but other routes are also fast.

The Japan Rail Pass is also valid for the ferry crossing from Miyajimaguchi station (just outside Hiroshima) to Miyajima, so you should have a very simple trip with your 21 day pass.

Hope this helps!

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