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nagoya - takayama -nikko - hakone- kyoto -kobe- okayama- hiroshima- fukuoka- kagoshima- amami - kagoshima- nagoya

Nagoya - Takayama -Nikko - Hakone- Kyoto -Kobe- Okayama- Hiroshima- Fukuoka- Kagoshima- Amami - Kagoshima- Nagoya

above is our plan. Two travellers and more than a month traveling time. We are wondering, what kind of rail passes we should have to cover this journey.


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers travel between all of the above places. Reading your itinerary I can tell that a JR Pass could certainly be useful.

Depending on your planning, you could either consider a 14 day or 21 day JR Pass.

I can give you a better match if you let me know how many days you spend in each place.

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This I should have done in first place:
Nagoya 24. October-26. October
Takayama 26.10. -28.10
Nikko 28.10 October -3.11. November
Kanagawa, Hakone 3.11 -6.11
Kyoto 6.11 - 10.11
Kobe 10.11. -12.11
Okayama 12.11 -14.11
Hiroshima 14.11 -17.11
Fukuoka 17.11. -19.11
Kagoshima 19.11.- 20.11
Amami 21.11-26.11
Kagoshima 27.11- 29.11
Nagoya 29.11.- 30.11


Much better!

That's one great plan but at the same time pretty hard to match a JR Pass to. How solid is your plan so far? Would it be possible to re-schedule some things?

Right now I am tempted to say go for a 21 day JR Pass and a 14 day JR Pass but possible this could be reduced with some planning.

Hope to hear from you!

PS: The ferry to Amami is not included.

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That Amami is fixed, because of the ferry, Nikko is fixed too, but everything else can be changed.


Okay! I think the best way to go about this is to get a list of ticket prices and see how this stacks up to buying JR Passes.

So let's go!

Nagoya - Takayama ¥ 5,830
Takayama - Nikko ¥ 18,600
Nikko - Hakone ¥ 8,840
Hakone - Kyoto ¥ 11,880
Kyoto - Kobe ¥ 1,080
Kobe - Okayama ¥ 5,390
Okayama - Hiroshima ¥ 5,820
Up to here would be 56360 with 21 days of travel Hiroshima - Fukuoka ¥ 8,740
Fukuoka - Kagoshima ¥ 10,250
Kagoshima - Nagoya ¥ 25,050
this part is ¥ 44,040 or ¥ 100,400 total

The 21 day JR Pass is 59,350 YEN and the 14 day JR Pass is 46,390 YEN. So each time you would be just below the cost of a JR Pass. However you could for instance switch Fukuoka and your 2nd visit to Kagoshima around and arrive you could cover an additional ¥ 18,990 this way with the 21 day JR Pass (Hiroshima - Fukuoka ¥ 8,740
and Fukuoka - Kagoshima ¥ 10,250). This way you would suddenly make significant savings. You could then make a stop over between Kagoshima - Nagoya at Fukuoka, this would also spread your travel time around better.

Does that make sense?

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