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nagoya - osaka - kyoto - nagoya

Nagoya - Osaka - Kyoto - Nagoya


we are travelling in 10 pax and will be arriving in Nagoya Airport early in the morning.

My planning is to take the Shinkansen from Nagoya to Osaka.
Which we will be staying 1 night there and will proceed to take the Shinkansen to Kyoto in the next day late afternoon. And stay in Kyoto for 2/3 nights then head back to Nagoya..

Will like to ask which pass is more suitable for us ? I am thinking to get an one way ticket for the trip.

And how do i get from Nagoya airport to the Nagoya Station ?

Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi there,

I also recommend just buying normal tickets for this journey. Tickets betweeen Osaka and Nagoya don't cost that much compared to longer distances (i.e. Tokyo - Osaka).

For Chubu Airport please see:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel San,

Thanks for your reply.

So we can just purchase the normal tickets from the station ? Will there be a case where by the Shinkansen tickets will be sold out, as im travelling to Kyoto on 18 Nov to 21 November which seems like a peak season to travel.


Yes, you can certainly buy regular bullet train tickets at the station. The dates you plan to travel are not peak season at all, so availability should not be an issue. If you want to save more money, there is one other option - you could get a Kintetsu Rail Pass. It would mean not taking a bullet train (or any JR train) and using a Kintetsu express train instead, but it would save some money while not taking a lot longer to get to your destination.


Hi Toraneko,

Thanks for ur reply. It is good to know about this.
Are Kintetsu station near to the bullet train? As I have mainly booked the hotels near the station.

I have cfmed my plans: train to Kyoto from Nagoya, then from Kyoto to Osaka the back to Nagoya.

I will be using train and bus for my trip in all of the cities.


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