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nagano (jigokudani) to hokkaido

Nagano (Jigokudani) to Hokkaido


Wanted to bring my mom to see Snow Monkey in Jigokudani, go to Hokkaido and spend the last day in Tokyo before flying back home.
Can I use JR Pass for the whole trip?
If not, is there any other option?
Thanks before!



Hello Aryn,

The JR Pass covers the full trip from Nagano to Hokkaido. However, travel from Jigokudani to Nagano is not included.

Also, have a look at the travel time to Hokkaido, it is quite long and may be too much to do on a single day.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel San,

That's really sharp and clear, thanks!

I browse a bit and found JR East Pass Nagano-Niigata that might be an option instead of Hokkaido?
Can you probably recommend which area to visit?

Thank you in advance!


Hi again,

You could visit Nikko instead of Hokkaido. It has a lot of nature but also impressive history. Its also much closer to Tokyo and Nagano.

Alternatively Kyoto is always a great city to include as well.

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