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my itinerary

My itinerary

1.I will stay in Japan for 14 days and planing to go to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka etc. should I buy a 14 days or 7 days RJ Pass?
2. From Tokyo to Hokkaido, how can I reserve a night sleepy seat?
3. I already have my itinerary in hand. Can I make reservation seats once for 14 days when I exchange my train tickets in the foreigner serve office? If so, I don't have to serve seat every time.
4. If I buy 7 days JR Pass, can I use it for the first day and use it for the forth, fifth day? Thank you!

Sally Huang
Sally Huang

Hello there,

1.) Travel to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka can cost quite a bit and you can make very good savings compared to purchasing normal tickets. I recommend using a 14 day JR Pass, as you'll be traveling quite a lot and this way you have more time to visit each place/city.

2.) There are no night trains going from Tokyo - Sapporo covered by the JR Pass, you can use the Shinkansen instead during the day.

3.) Yes, you can make all the seat reservations you want at the time when you exchange the JR Pass. Its also fine to do so later.

4.) The JR Pass is counted in consecutive days.

Hope this helps,

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