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mt.fuji- sapporo

Mt.Fuji- Sapporo

Greetings from the Philippines!

Please provide me infos how to get to Sapporo from Mt. Fuji via Japan Rail Pass and if you can suggest the best place to stay overnight in Mt. Fuji - (near the station) going to Sapporo the next day. Thank you!

Bel-la Nadal
Bel-la Nadal

Hi there,

You can stay around Fuji but I would highly recommend staying in Tokyo.
From there alone the trip to Sapporo takes approx. 10 hours.
If you do wish to stay near Fuji consider staying near Odawara, from there you can have a very nice view of Fuji. Or closer at Fuji-five-lakes, the station there is called Kawaguchiko. Add about 2 hours to the total travel time if you wish to stay there.

Hope this helps,

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Will take note on that! thank you so much for the quick reply! appreciate it!

Bel-la Nadal
Bel-la Nadal

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