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luggage storage in jr stations

Luggage Storage in JR Stations

Hello all,

Do all JR stations have luggage storage - large enough for large suitcases? Specifically - I'm staying in Kyoto for two days and then plan to stay at a Ryokan in Kameoka. I would like to check out of my Kyoto Ryokan and travel via JR with my luggage to Arashiyama (leave my luggage at the station) spend the day in Arashiyama, pick up my luggage and continue west via JT to Kameoka.

I would also like to do the same thing in Okayama (and leave my luggage in the station for the day)


Hello there,

Even the most remote train station in Japan has coin lockers and storing your luggage is no problem at all. Kyoto station even has a cloakroom in the basement where you could also store your luggage.

Okayama is also one of the more bigger stations and you'll find plenty of lockers there. Sizes go up to full suite case size.

Hope this helps,

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