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last day overnight trains

Last day Overnight Trains

I would like to check for the Aomori to Ueno (Tokyo) route on my last day of JR pass (30/04) if we are using a 14 day pass. The Akebono Overnight Trains departs at 18:22 (30/04), last day my 14 day pass. Arrival to Ueno (Tokyo) at 06:58 next day. Can we still board the train back to Ueno (Tokyo) using the JR pass? And if yes, how much extra we need to pay in Ueno (Tokyo).

Thanks a lot again!


Hi there,

This is a bit of a grey-zone. From past experience I know that the JR will allow you to ''finish the ride'' if you boarded the train before midnight, without having to pay extra. However you won't be able to take any other trains or transfer after that.

For reference you can find more about the train Akebono train here.

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