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kyoto area

Kyoto area

My husband and I will spend 7 days in Kyoto together, and then I will stay another 7 days. The first week we are visiting our daughter in school there and we will probably only travel to Nara, perhaps Ohara, but staying pretty close to Kyoto. The second week I will be going alone to Naoshima, and perhaps one or more other further trips, perhaps Miyajima/Hiroshima, or Kinosaki Onsen. Also we are arriving and departing from KIX. Please advise whether it makes sense for us to get JR train Pass for the first week( 7 and 14 day passes,) and/or if it makes sense for only me to get a 7-day pass for my second week. Thank you!!!


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Travel around Kyoto and the wider Kansai Area does not cost a lot if you travel on local trains and generally no pass for this is required. Going to Hiroshima, Naoshima and Kinosaki-Onsen, then a 7 day JR Pass could be great.

We have a great tool, the JR Fare Calculator, that you can use to get a total cost of your itinerary and see how much you can save using a JR Pass.

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