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kyoto - naruto

Kyoto - Naruto

Hello all!

I will be traveling from Kyoto station to Naruto. I am staying at the Naruto Renaissance Resort and their website claims the closest public transit is the Kosoku-Naruto bus station, 3.1 miles away. The JR Naruto Tokushima station is about a half hour drive from our hotel.

Should I take the JR to Naruto station, then taxi to hotel? Or does the JR go to the Kosoku station (I have not had luck finding that it does).

Is there a better alternative?

Any help is appreciated!


Hi there,

I looked for the best way to your hotel and the closest JR station seems to be Sako station. This is 1.3KM away on foot or 1.9Km away by taxi from your hotel. I think that there will probably be local buses running as well but I could not confirm this online.

I would advise traveling to Tokushima station and ask the local tourist information what the best way is to travel the last part. You could alsways travel from there to Sako and take a taxi from there, if there are no other alternatives.

Hope this helps a little,

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