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kawazu trip help

Kawazu trip help

Hi Mina-san,

I'm going to Japan in a couple of days and well I'm in charge of our trip from Tokyo to Kawazu. This is my first time to Japan and i'm soooo looking forward to it. However, I'm a bit confused as to how to get there and even how to read the train map in general @.@. (i know i'm hopeless T-T)

Ohhh, we also plan on getting the 7 days JR Pass too.

I'll be staying at Mystays Hotel Hamamatsucho and i would like to know what would be a great plan as to enjoy (if possible) EVERYTHING in Kawazu. I did some research that the Cherry Blossoms over there are AMAZING!!!!

So my question would be:

1) From what station and how will i be able to reach Kawazu from where i will be staying (Mystay Hotel Hamamatsucho)? Can i use the JR Pass to get there?

2) How should i plan out the day so i can enjoy EVERYTHING that Kawazu has to offer? (e.g. Cherry blossom festival, waterfall, onsen, shrine- found this on the internet =P)

Really appreciate the help. Arigato Gozaimasu


Hi there!

1.) I've not visited Kawazu myself but it sure looks beautiful! Especially during the Sakura season.
The route from Hamamatsucho station - Kawazu station is pretty straightforward. Looked up the route In Hyperdia for you HERE. The JR Pass can be used on the route but an additional fee is required as part of the route is traveled on non JR tracks.

2.) Good question, I'd recommend making a list of of the things you wish to see and plan accordingly. The area is not too big so you could see everything in a single day. There's also a local English speaking tourist information that will be able to help you plan to best route.

Hope this helps!

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