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kansai airport - osaka - hiroshima- kyoto- nara - kansai airport

Kansai airport - Osaka - Hiroshima- Kyoto- Nara - Kansai airport

Hello we arrive in Japan on the 27th September. We arrive at Kansai airport, travel to Osaka for 2 nights, Hiroshima for one night, Kyoto for 4 nights and then Nara for one night. We leave from Kansai airport on the 5th October. We have 9 days in Japan and wonder if we should buy the green class rail pass as we have suitcases. is it worth buying or are we better off buying single tickets?

Roseanne Lette
Roseanne Lette

Hi there!

Looks like an interesting trip!
Let's have a look at ticket prices to see if JR Pass would be helpful.

Travel that would fall within the 7 day JR Pass period:
Kansai Airport - Osaka ¥ 1,160
Osaka - Hiroshima ¥ 10,150
Hiroshima - Kyoto ¥ 10,990

Additional travel (outside of 7 day JR Pass).
Kyoto - Nara ¥ 690
Nara - Kansai Airport ¥ 1,660

The travel within the 7 day JR Pass period adds up to ¥ 22,300. The 7 day JR Pass is 28,300, so you are not there yet. I think that it would be better for now to stick with buying normal tickets as you travel.

Hope this helps!

PS: don't worry about your Suitcase normal train cars on the Shinkansen have enough place to accommodate them.

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Thank you so much!
I am wondering if we are able to buy green class tickets from Osaka to Hiroshima and then Hirishima to Kyoto? Are they very much more expensive? I have heard that with a JR pass you can reserve seating free of charge?
Thank you

Roseanne Lette
Roseanne Lette

Hi Rose!

You can buy a Green Class upgrade if you wish, the price is about 3,500yen more for the Osaka Hiroshima part.

It is also true that seat reservation made with the JR Pass are free of charge, which is very convenient.

Enjoy Japan!

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