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jrp vs individual fares

JRP vs Individual fares

My wife and I will be in Japan in early August for 15 days.

July 27/28: USA to Tokyo (Narita)
July 28: Train to Kyoto
August 6: Train to Kobe
August 7: Train to Okayama
August 9: Train to Miyajima
August 11: Train to Fukuoka airport (Fly to Shanghai)

She will be traveling as a tourist, but I will be traveling as a civilian US Gov employee. So, two questions: 1) Is it better to get a 7 day pass + individual fare from Narita to Kyoto, and 2) Am I eligible for a JRP?


Hi there!

The total costs of tickets for your trip over the 7 day period will certainly be less than a 7day pass so recommend you go for tickets for your trip. I addition to this, the Japan rail pass is only available for visitors to Japan travelling under a 'temporary visitor' visa, so you will need to purchase tickets rather than travel using the rail pass.

Sorry to be the bearer of such news, but hope you have a great trip to Japan!

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