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jr schedule

Jr schedule

Hi,me and my husband is planning to go tokyo(disneyland),mt.fuji,nagoya castle,osaka and kyoto.My question is can we use the jr pass on all our transportation for our itinerary?And what is the schedule of the train?im afraid we will pass the schedule and cant go back on time to hotel.And how long will be the travel time for each?
Thank you,I appreciate your time.


Hi there,

I really recommend learning to plan with, this way you can learn to find the best route at any time and have all the route information you'd ever want. It takes a bit of time to learn all the ins and outs, so we have a handy guide to get you started:

The JR Pass covers travel to all the cities you wish to visit. Fuji may require more additional travel, depending on where you visit. For the some idea's have a look at this post:

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