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jr rail pass, tottotori stn, koge stn, kyoto stn, green car

JR Rail Pass, Tottotori Stn, Koge Stn, Kyoto Stn, Green Car


Just returned from Tottori, and on the way back I was charged an additional fee. Note it was 'on the spot'
cost about 1800 yen (luckily I had it on me).

The trip was
Kyoto to Tottori Station
Koge Station to Kyoto

My question is why the charge? I went to the JR ticket office after and could not get an explanation.
I received tickets to go from Kyoto to Tottori and I was not charged.
But I noted (after stepping on the train) I was in 1) a "green car" and 2) I was charged at that time.

How can I find out if this was an error? I received my tickets from the JR Ticket office, clearly showing my JR Pass
Is it possible there was another route not told that would NOT have been an additional charge?

Note all the stations have "JR" on them. And the train used was the Super Hakuto type train
And this is one source about the JR Super Hakuto This just (From the City) only tells how long the travel is : I found an "old " post (from about 5 years ago) about a "supplement" and "non-JR track", but that was not mentioned
when the ticket was purchased.

So I guess my basic questions are:
1) Does one have to pay the fee (no matter what car one is one is on?) and
2) Is there a "Non-pay" fee way if one is JR ticket holder.

I can see how that this additional fee towards Tottori can really add up in costs for a group, especially if one is charged both ways, I can see it factoring in a decision on which places to visit, based on JR rail pass..

So if one can help sort that out, it would be great


Hi Keeper,

I'm really sorry to hear about this.

The Super Hakuto does pass through some non-JR tracks between Chizu and Kamigori. This would be on Chizu Express rail lines - and may be printed on a receipt you have received. I'm not sure why you were not charged this on the way there (perhaps you travelled to Tottori via a different route?). I believe the charge for this stretch of non-JR rail is also around ¥1800. This fee would need to be paid no matter which car was used as it is a non-JR charge for using that stretch of rail so cannot be covered by JR and the JR Pass.

The JR ticket officer should have alerted you to this charge before you set out as there are ways to get to Kyoto from Koge/Tottori that do not involve the use of the Super Hakuto between Chizu and Kamigori. It could be that the JR staff simply printed the ticket that the computer recommended (usually this is the case as for fee paying customers they expect to be charged anyway). Please accept my apologies for this. There are 2 good ways of getting back from Koge for JR Pass holders:

  1. One route is to travel up the Japan sea coast to Kinosaki Onsen/ Toyooka and then change to the Ltd exp. Kinosaki to Kyoto. This route takes 322mins vs the Hakuto time of 172mins, but is 100% free.
  2. As you can use the shinkansen an unlimited amount, another alternative is to travel to Okayama via Tsuyama and then use the bullets back to Kyoto. This trip takes 344mins.

I'm very sorry you ran into this and hope it doesn't affect your holiday!

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