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jr pass worthwhile for me?

JR Pass worthwhile for me?

Hello! I will be travelling to Japan mid October this year, and am trying to determine if the JR Pass would be suitable or would I actually be spending more on it?

My GENERAL itinerary is :)

Tokyo (7-9 days visiting friends) > somewhere around Fuji (Shizuoka?) > Nagoya > Kyoto > Osaka > Tokushima (train/ferry) > Matsuyama (not sure which direction I will take here, as I will probably stop 2-3 times between Tokushima and Matsuyami for 1 day each) > Hiroshima (ferry) > Fukuoka > Okinawa (flight, is JR Pass useful at all in Okinawa?)

Is the JR Pass useful around Shikoku? And valid for ferry travel??

I'm planning to spend anywhere from 2-4 days at these main hubs. Any help/guidance would be much appreciated!



If I can, I would like to stretch the trip all the way to Kagoshima before heading to Okinawa (I was surprised that I found flights!?)

Also, are places such as Nikko and Kamakura easy enough to access for a day trip from Saitama/Tokyo/Yokohama? I'm not sure about any hidden conditions such as restrictions on time of travel etc.



Hi there!

Looks like a great plan! Going to Kyushu, Shikoku and Okinawa is just awesome. As for the JR Pass, one would be use full for your travel. Let me give you a better idea of the possibilities.

The JR Pass is valid for all JR lines (including the Shinkansen) in Shikoku, Kyushu and the rest of Japan. It is also valid for the ferry to Miyajima. Other ferries are not covered, such as those in Shikoku. There are no trains on Okinawa, so you won't have a use for the JR Pass there. Even so, the JR Pass will be great for your travel, as you can travel around Japan without having to worry about tickets and I am sure that you will make great savings. To save some extra money, consider taking the train from Matsuyama to Hiroshima instead of the ferry, the train trip is very nice to make in itself.

The JR Pass is also good for making day trips to places such as Nikko, Kamakura or Yokohama. These are all reached in an hour or so from Tokyo and make for excellent side trips.

Hope this helps!

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