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jr pass using hyperdia

JR pass using Hyperdia

I am building our train schedule for 21 day travel in Japan using Hyperdia and have some question regarding JR trains. I am considering buying JR general pass

  1. How do I know which trains are covered by JR pass. I see some marked as JR - are these the ones that are covered?

  2. Can I assume that all bullet trains are covered with an exception of NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO

  3. If my route has a combination of JR train and the train not covered by JR pass, I assume I need to buy the ticket for not covered route. Can I buy the ticket in Tokyo?

  4. In many cases it is not clear how much is a ticker for a not covered route.

Here is an example from Hakone to Takayma: I can see 310Y fare for Tozan Raiway and 7,569Y from Nagoya to Takayma. I don't see the fare for Shinkansen Hikari from Odawara to Nagoya. I assume JR pass covers it, but if I don't get the pass, what would be the fare? Or am I not reading correctly and 7,560Y covers Odawara to Takayma route (includes shinkansen fare). In this case is 7,560Y covered by JR pass.

Route1 Take time: 269 Minutes Transfer: 2 Times Distance: 454.9 km

Total:¥ 12,450(TicketFare:¥ 7,870 Seat Fee:¥ 4,580)

Time Route Fare
09:39 begin HAKONE-YUMOTO

             Hakone Tozan Railway  for ODAWARA        ¥310           09:53 10:08
             transfer   ODAWARA 

[69 Min] through SHINKANSEN HIKARI 507 11:17
11:43 transfer NAGOYA ¥7,560

[145 Min] through LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) HIDA 9


Thank you so much for your help!


Hello Maria,

1.) We have a handy guide on how to plan with Hyperdia that will explain all the details for finding the best trains with the JR Pass.

2.) Yes, all other bullet trains are covered by the JR Pass.

3.) Generally you buy the ticket for the part not covered at the station where you make the transfer, from the conductor in the train or even at the station of arrival.

4.) Have a look at this route Odawara - Takayama as you can see the far for the JR is counted in one go. Odawara - to Nagoya and Nagoya - Takayama. This is because the fare is calculated on total distance traveled with the JR Pass (and not each train traveled). You should look at the total cost (¥ 12,460) which is what you would pay without using a JR Pass. The Hida express is included.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel for all your help.



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