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jr pass / subway or both ?



i'm going to Japan by next year ( JANUARY 2017 ) , i'm still confusing about how to used JR RAIL PASS . because some of people said that it's better using JR pass than Subway and some of people saying that it's better used both .

i want to using JR PASS because i'm travelling around Japan ( example : Osaka to Hiroshima , Osaka to Tokyo , Osaka to Kyoto and anywhere else ) . And i'm staying in Osaka's hotel BUT my hotel near to Namba / Nagahoribashi Station .

Is it JR PASS covered Nagahoribashi Station ( subway ) ?

if not , did Subway have unlimited subway pass for straight 7 days ? or need to buy only unlimited one-day but for everyday ?


Hi there,

The JR Pass is not valid on the metro/subway system.

However when considering the JR Pass, its best to look at longer distances, such as Tokyo - Kyoto or travel to Hiroshima. These are the expansive routes and here is where you can make the best savings using a JR Pass. In comparison, local travel (such as using the metro) does not cost a lot and is limited to a couple hundred yen ( a couple of bucks/euros/pound, or equivalent).

While the subway is not included in the JR Pass, you can use local JR lines in cities like Tokyo and Osaka to explore most of both cities and may not even need additional tickets.

I looked up Nagahoribashi and it is a subway station, the closest JR station would be JR Namba.

Hope this helps,

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