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jr pass specific line usage

JR Pass specific line usage

Hi all,

We're going to Japan next week and we'll be travelling by train with the JR Pass. Can someone please tell me which trains I can and cannot take with the pass? I know the obvious Nozomi, Mizuho and Hayabusa Shinkansen are excluded but other than that it's a bit vague.

For example, I'll be going from Kyoto to Beppu. Now Hyperdia gives me the option to use the JR Special Rapid Service for HIMEJI from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka, from there the Shinkansen Sakura 555 to Kokura and finally the Ltd. Exp Sonic 29. Are all these trains available with the JR Pass? Where can I find this information in detail (I also read something about a homeliner, again no idea what that is).

Thanks in advance!

Link from Hyperdia:


Hi there,

As long as you make sure that the option Private Railway / in Hyperdia is NOT selected, all routes are covered by the JR Pass.

The route to Beppu is thus covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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