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jr pass & kyushu pass?

JR Pass & Kyushu Pass?

Hi there,

We will be visiting Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu next month for a total of 12 days and our itinerary will be as follows:

Day 1 Arrive Tokyo
Day 2 Hakone by Hakone Free Pass
Day 3 Disney Resort
Day 4 Tokyo or day trip outside
Day 5 Tokyo
Day 6 Tokyo-Osaka
Day 7 universal studio
Day 8 Osaka-Hakata-Yufuin
Day 9 Yufuin- Mt Aso- Kumamoto
Day 10 Kumamoto- Nagasaki
Day 11 Nagasaki - Tosu
Day 12 Tosu - Fukuoka Airport

Based on our itinerary above, please advise if we should just buy a 7 day JR PASS and start using from Day 6 to Day 12 or buy both JR Pass and Northern Kyushu Pass? Please note that on Day 2 we intend to buy the Hakone free pass.

Can you please advise the line I should take for Tokyo to Osaka and Osaka to Hakata.

Thank you.


Hello there,

Local travel within Tokyo is not expensive at all and the JR Pass is better saved for travel cross country. Therefor I'd advising buying a 7 day JR Pass and using it from day 6-12. This would allow you to make the best savings.

Have a great trip!

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Thank you Daniel-san.

Can you please advise the train line I should take for Tokyo-Osaka and Osaka-Hakata using the JR Pass.

Any recommendation for car rental?



Hi Cecilia,

I would suggest having a look at this Shinkansen map. As you can see, the Shinkansen is one long route stopping at Tokyo - Osaka and Hakata. Basically this means you travel one route and just make stops on the way.

I've never rented a car myself in Japan and can't really share much advise there.

Hope this helps,

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