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jr pass @ kyushu

JR Pass @ Kyushu

Hi, sorry to interrupt.

I would like to check this out ..

Can JR Pass be used for the trains listed below?
Trans-Kyushu Express, Isaburo-Shimpei, Hayato No Kaze, Ibusuki No Tamatebako & 885 Kamome?

Do I need to make a reservation before the day i get on? or
Can I make a reservation at the station b4 i get on? ^_^

Thank you very much for your help. :)


Hi There!

Looks like you are planning on a nice trip and Yes you can ride all those trains with the JRPass!
I am wondering, as you know all the trains names, is the main purpose of your trip to ride all the trains?

You don't need to make a reservation the day before but like all trains, if you are traveling during a busy period it is recommended!

While you are in the Area don't forget to visit an Onsen in Beppu and if you can Climb Mount Aso!

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Excellent answer Daniel!

@leng - You can make seat reservations just before boarding, it's usually worth making them if you are a JR Pass holder as they are free :)

Hope this helps!

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Hi, Daniel-san,
Thank you for your prompt reply & your help on this. ^
Ya ya.. I got the Trains' name from a website and wishing to ride on all of them .. hahaha ..
unfortunately, the Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi is not running in winter .. :'(

wow .. thank you for your recommendation for Beppu and Mt. Aso. Will try arrange for that. ^^


Hi, Mari,

Thank you for your prompt reply and help as well ..
Ya .. u guys' replies are really helpful.
Thank you very much . ^^


ooh. If you're looking for recommendations in Kyushu, I recommend Yufuin over Beppu :)

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