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jr pass for this itinerary?

JR Pass for this itinerary?


We are a group of 6 and our itinerary is as follows:

<h2>In Sapporo:</h2>

6 June Sapporo (CTS) Airport to Sapporo

7 June Sapporo to Furano (Furano Lavender Express), then on Twinkle Bus to Asahikawa (Bei Lavender Course), and back to Sapporo

8 June Sapporo to Otaru, and back to Sapporo

9 June Sapporo back to Sapporo (CTS) Airport

<h2>In Tokyo (Optional):</h2>

10 June Day trip to Nikko

11 June Day trip to Kamakura

<h2>My questions:</h2>

  1. Should we get 7-day JR Pass for above itinerary?

  2. If we do not do the day trips in Tokyo, what is best way for the trip in Sapporo?

Note: We would prefer to travel in Green Cars if available.

Thank you in advance


Hello there,

Let's have a look at ticket prices and find out if a JR Pass would be helpful for your itinerary.

CTS - Sapporo ¥ 1,380
Sapporo - Furano ¥ 3,940
Asahikawa - Sapporo ¥ 4,610
Sapporo - Otaru (return) ¥ 1,280
Sapporo - CTS ¥ 1,380
Tokyo - Nikko ¥ 5,380
Nikko - Tokyo ¥ 5,380
Tokyo - Kamakura (return) ¥ 1,840
+Local travel in Tokyo and travel between Tokyo and the Airport.

For a total of ¥ 25,190 the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110 add in local travel in Tokyo and travel between Tokyo and the Airport and the difference would be minimum. At this point the main reason to consider the JR Pass is for the sake of convenience. You would just need one ticket for all your travel - this can save you a lot of time - especially if you travel with a group of 6. Without day trips in Tokyo the best way to travel around would just to be to buy normal tickets as there's no pass in Hokkaido which would benefit your itinerary.

Hope this helps!

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