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jr pass for 13 days itinerary - seek help

JR Pass for 13 days itinerary - seek help


Below is my draft trip to japan on xmas day December 2016. We plan to travel frm Tokyo - Osaka - Hokkaido - Tokyo. I am planning to purchase JR 14 days pass. But i am not sure which shinkansen bullet train that i can follow. I am confuse.

Day 1 = arrived narita airport - via JR or Narita Express to tokyo /Shinagawa station? Then to Shin-Osaka via Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen). I am sure which bullet train to follow, cos JR Pass can not follow NOZOMI right?

Day 2 - Day 5= kyoto, nara, usj,nagoya (via JR Line)

Day 6 = from shin-osaka - via JR Shinkansen to Hakodate (i still need to stop at Tokyo to change shinkansen right)
(can i do a reservation on JR Seat? Can i do this when get my JR Pass on Day 1 at Narita Airport? (Which shinkansen bullet train i should take)

Day 7 - Day 10 = JR hakuto around hokkaido area. Can i use the JR pass for otaru bus?

Day 11 = JR Hakuto to Hakodate, then take Tohuko Shinkansen to Akihabara station (Which bullet train to follow?)

Really seek your help for this. Thank you very much


Hello there,

You can use the Hikari Shinkansen between Tokyo - Kyoto and Osaka. You can also use the Narita Express between Tokyo and Narita Airport.

From Tokyo, you can use the Hayabusa Shinkansen to Hokkaido and back. The Otaru bus is not included.

Hope this helps,

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