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jr pass for 12 days trip osaka-kyoto-osaka-hakone-tokyo

JR Pass for 12 days trip Osaka-Kyoto-Osaka-Hakone-Tokyo


I will be arriving to Kansai Airport (Osaka) on 2 Mar 2016, leaving from Narita Airport (Tokyo) on 13 Mar 2016.
My family have 2 adults + a 5-yrs old kid.

02 March, 2016 Osaka
03 March, 2016 Osaka
04 March, 2016 Osaka / Kyoto
05 March, 2016 Kyoto / Nara / Osaka
06 March, 2016 Osaka / Hakone
07 March, 2016 Hakone
08 March, 2016 Hakone / Tokyo (Shinjuku)
09 March, 2016 Tokyo (Shinjuku - Odaiba)
10 March, 2016 Tokyo (Odaiba - Disneyland)
11 March, 2016 Tokyo (Disneyland) / Tokyo (Shinjuku)
12 March, 2016 Tokyo

Please kindly advise following
1) From 02 - 05 Mar 2016

Do I need to get Kansai Thru Pass?

2) I need to take Shinkansen from Osaka to Odwara , Odawara to Tokyo (Shinjuku)

Do i need to get any JR Pass? 
Or do i get Hakone Free Pass?

3) For my traveling around Tokyo area , do i need to get Tokyo Wide Pass?

Looking forward to get your advise.

Thank you.
YS Lee

YS Lee
YS Lee

Hello YS Lee,

Looking at your itinerary all together I would purchase normal tickets, because the amount of travel you do in each area is minimal and so will travel costs be. Therefor using an area pass would not help you make savings.

You could look at a Hakone Free Pass for travel within Hakone if you plan on exploring the Hakone Area.

Hope this helps,

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