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jr pass and normal ticket travelling together?

JR Pass and normal ticket travelling together?

I will be in Japan on an "entertainer" visa and will stay an extra week to travel in Japan with my husband after the tour. Because of my visa I am not able to get a JR Pass, but my husband can. Is there any problem for a couple travelling with a JR Pass and a normal ticket? Extra waiting in lines, problems getting seat reservations together etc? The travels with my husband are just Tokyo-Kyoto return, inside Tokyo and Tokyo-Narita return, so the JR Pass is not much cheaper than normal tickets. So I'm wondering if it is worth the hassle of travelling with 2 different types of ticket or whether we should just both buy normal tickets? Thanks for your help!


Hi there!

This is no problem at all! I've traveled together many times with Japanese friends who can't use the JR Pass either. Just be sure to buy your tickets together and the JR Staff will seat you together as well.

There's no need to worry about it at all so enjoy your travel together!

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Hey thanks alot! We'll get the pass!


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