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jr pass - 2 weeks or 1?

JR Pass - 2 weeks or 1?

My itinerary is to arrive at Tokyo Haneda on the 16th October, then stay in Tokyo for 2 or 3 nights, then we would like to visit Osaka, Kyoto and Nara if possible before returning to Tokyo around the 27th for a couple of nights before flying out from Haneda on the 30th.
My question is, can I use the pass to get from Haneda airport into main Tokyo? I am trying to work out if it is better to get a 2 week pass, or just one week and try to do all the most expensive trips in that week. Also what route would be best to take to visit Kyoto/Osaka/Nara?
I hope this makes sense, I am finding planning this trip quite confusing and any advice or help anyone can give would be most welcome!
Thank you


Hi Emma,

I think going for the 7 day JR Pass would be the best option. This because local travel around Tokyo is not very expansive and the JR Pass is better suited for longer distances, such as a trip to Kyoto.

What I would do is buy a 7 day JR Pass and than start using it on the day that you travel to Kyoto, you can use it to travel to both Nara and Osaka as well, in addition to local travel in Tokyo. You can also use the JR Pass to travel to Haneda Airport by the Tokyo Monorail, although travel there is not very expansive.

In terms of savings, a 7 day JR Pass is roughly the same price as the normal ticket price for a return Tokyo - Kyoto by Shinkansen and any travel you may do after is what you save.

I hope this helps!

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