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jr kanto pass for travel from tokyo-nagano-matsumoto

JR Kanto Pass for travel from Tokyo-Nagano-Matsumoto

Hi, I would be grateful if you could help answer my questions:

1) I plan to travel from Narita Airport Terminal 2 to Nagano after 9 a.m.

a) Is it worth getting a JR Kanto Pass from the airport to use it to travel by the Narita Express to Tokyo?
And then can catch the Nagano Shinkansen straight to arrive at Ueda (Nagano) by 2 p.m.?

b) Can the JR Kanto Pass be used to travel from Ueda (Nagano) to Bessho Onsen?
c) Since the JR Kanto Pass is valid for only 3 days (and we will be in the Nagano region for 4 days) can I buy 2 JR Kanto Passes but activate the second one on the 4th day, when the first pass expires?

2) After 2 days in Nagano, we were thinking of staying the next 2 days in Matsumoto.
Can the JR Kanto Pass be used for travel from Nagano to Matsumoto.
Or is it more worth it just to use ordinary train travel (without the pass).
On the 5th day, we will have to be back in Narita Airport by 8.36 a.m.

Appreciate hearing from you.


Hi there,

1.) Given the travel involved, a Kanto pass may be worth it. Keep in mind however that the pass only covers travel on the Shinkansen to Sakudaira and you would have to buy a normal ticket to Ueda from there. A normal one way ticket Narita Airport - Sakudaira alone is ¥ 9,450 so you would be making small savings here.

2.) No, unfortunately the route is not covered by the Kanto Pass.

3.) Yes you can purchase multiple passes if you want, however keep in mind that you need to do at least 8,300 yen worth of travel with it for the pass to pay off.

4.) Matsumoto is not included either, so you would have to buy normal tickets for this route. Here's a map with lines covered.

Hope this helps!

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