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jr kanto area pass + gala yuzawa

JR Kanto Area Pass + Gala Yuzawa


We are travelling to Tokyo on 21Jan to 30Jan and I'm considering to get the Kanto Area pass as I want to to Gala Yuzawa for some skiing. However, i have some questions:

1) We will be staying in Shibuya. Is the JR Kanto Pass valid at the JR Narita Express? Do I need to reserve seats? If yes, how do I reserve seats as I understand we will only be able to purchase the pass when I reach Narita airport and i will like to use the narita express to travel into Shibuya when i arrive.

2) I’ll be going to the Gala Yuzawa resort and will be paying extra 1000yen. Does this cover the train from Tokyo to Yuzawa and back?

3) Are there any discounts for rental of ski equipment, wear and ski pass if i show the pass at gala counter?

4) Since the Kanto pass is valid for 3 days, my intention is to take the narita express to get into Tokyo when i arrive and explore the yamanote line for the day. 2nd day - travel to places using the kanto pass or continue to use for yamanote line. 3rd day - travel to gala yuzawa and back to tokyo. Is this possible?

5) What are the places you recommend to visit using the Kanto pass since I’ll be going in Winter?

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi there,

Please note that we are not an Agency which sells the JR Kanto Pass, I am more than happy to give you advise but be sure to confirm at the point of purchase

1.) The Kanto Pass is valid on the Narita Express, seats reservations are mandatory but can be made anytime before departure.

2.) From reading the official website yes it does!

3.) No I don't think so :(

4.) Yes that is all possible!

5.) Looking at point 4, I think that you are already fully booked for the 3 days. Other nice places to visit would include Karuizawa, Nikko and Kamakuro/

Hope this helps,

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