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japan travel from july 17 to august 2

Japan travel from july 17 to august 2

Hi! Is it advisable to buy a Japan Rail Pass for our trip?

Am travelling with my daughter and here's our itinerary.

Arriving Kansai airport from the Philippines on July 27.
Will stay in Osaka until July 31.
July 31 we leave for Tokyo.

  1. From Kansai airport , can we use the JR Pass onboard bus to our hotel?
  2. While in Osaka and Tokyo we will explore the areas via local subway and trains. Can we use the JR Pass?

  3. For Osaka to Tokyo, we'd like to try the Shinkansen Tokaido bullet train. Can we use the JR Pass?
    What station do we get off in Tokyo?

Thank you.


Hi there,

1.) You can use the JR Pass on the JR lines to and from Kansai Airport, including the Haruka Express. There are no JR busses here.

2.) You can use local JR Networks in both Osaka and Tokyo, this are enough to access most of both cities. Other transport like the subway is not included.

3.) Yes, you can use the Tokaido Shinkansen. Both Hikari and Kodama trains (but not the Nozomi train). The station is called Tokyo station :)

Enjoy your trip!

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