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japan rail pass or...

Japan Rail Pass or...

Hi ! Need you help on this.

Day 1 Haneda Airport to Tokyo (2230pm arrival)
Day 2 Tsukiji Fish Market & Yokohama
Day 3 Mount Fuji, Hakone & Gotemba Premium Outlet
Day 4 Tokyo - Nagano
Day 5 Nagano
Day 6 Nagano - Tokyo
Day 7 Disneyland
Day 8 Disneysea
Day 9 Mitaka Ghibli Museum & Shibuya

Is it economical to get the Japan Rail pass based on my above itinerary? Does the Japan rail pass covers the local rains as well.



Hello there,

A return Tokyo - Gotemba is ¥ 9680 and a return Tokyo - Nagano is 16,000yen. This together is just below the price of the 7 day JR Pass (29,110yen). With travel added in to Hakone/Yokohama added in you'll break even and with a little more travel and you'll certainly make savings. Also the JR Pass will function as a single ticket for all your travel, making it very easy to travel around.

The JR Pass both covers local travel in Tokyo on the JR Network and also to many places in the area, such as Disneyland and Haneda Airport.

Have a great trip!

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Thanks very much for your reply. Most helpful of you.
If it's ok, can I ask if it's feasible to drive from tokyo to nagano? Thought it will be good to have some side stop along the way like strawberry picking etc.

Thanks again. & A very Merry Christmas to you!


Hello again!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I think you could manage it by car too, however it's a long ride and there are tolls roads along the way. I've never really done so myself and can't really comment on the trip by car!

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