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japan rail pass from kyoto to narita ?

Japan rail Pass from Kyoto to Narita ?

Dear Explore Japan

We plan to go from Kyoto to Narita with Japan rail Pass. Our route will be: Kyoto to Shinagawa on Shinkansen Hikari 514, Then Shinagawa to Tokyo on JR Yokosuka Line, then Tokyo to Chiba on JR Sobu Line rapid Service, then Chiba to Narita on JR Sobu/Narita Line Rapid... Is the Pass valid on theese trains ?

Greetings from Denmark, Lotte


Hi Lotte,

Welcome back :)

Yes! All these lines are covered by the JR Pass!

Happy travels,

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Valid, yes. Cost-effective, NO.

Unless you have other routes you are not mentioning.


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