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japan 10 days trip - need help if i should buy jr pass or not

Japan 10 days trip - need help if i should buy JR pass or not

Hi all,

I'll be flying to Japan (Haneda) airport on 4th April.
As i'm going on a sakura season, i need to double check if need a JR Pass or not.
Day 1 - Haneda Airport (Stay near Mejiro - Yamanote line)
Day 2 - Tokyo (Ghibli musuem )
Day 3 - Tokyo City
Day 4 - Fuji mountain ( Five lakes)
Day 5 - Disneyland
Day 6 - Disneysea (and travel to Nagoya)
Day 7 - Nagoya
Day 8 - Nagoya (and travel to Kyoto)
Day 9 - Kyoto - Kameoka
Day 10 - Kyoto to Osaka airport (fly back to singapore).

Please let me know if i need to purchased a JR pass.
As far as i know - the fare via Tokaido Shinkansen
Tokyo to Nagoya ( non-peak? non-reservation) is 10880 yen
Nagoya to Kyoto is 5590yen
Kyoto to Shin-Osaka is 1420yen

How about Shin-Osaka to airport?
Do i need to pay for extra charges during peak and for reservation?


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers all fares and you won't have to pay anything extra.

However for this trip I would advise buying normal tickets. A 7 day JR Pass would have worked very well if you made a return Tokyo - Kyoto or Tokyo - Osaka, however normal tickets for a one way cost less (you already found the fares).

Hope this helps,

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