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itinerary check for first time to japan (october 2016) using 7 day pass

Itinerary check for first time to Japan (October 2016) Using 7 day Pass

Hi there!

We are planning a trip in first 2 weeks of October 2016 from October 2nd, (myself, husband and two well-travelled boys aged 5 1/2 years and 8 years).

Does this sound ok? I would activate 7-day pass from day 6-12.

1) Fly to Tokyo
2) Tokyo-sights
3) Tokyo-sights
4) Tokyo- Disneyland
5) Tokyo- Hanoke-Tokyo (will this be a good chance of using cable car and sighting Mt Fuji at this time of year?)
6) Tokyo-Kyoto- ACTIVATE JR PASS
7) Kyoto-sights
8) Kyoto-sights
9)Kyoto- Osaka (sports day- National holiday in Japan- is this a big deal? Any closures etc)
10) Osaka- Universal Studios
11) Osaka- Hiroshima-Osaka
12) Osaka-Tokyo-Haneda

Anything you would change or suggest?

Thank you for any advice and your assistance :)


Hi there,

This looks like a great itinerary to explore Japan with. I like to added in visits to Hakone and Hiroshima as well. You could also make a stop over at Himeji when traveling back from Hiroshima to Osaka, as it is directly on the route and Himeji castle is one of the finest in Japan.

Mount Fuji is beautiful every day of the year but you need a bit of luck with the weather, its just comes down to being lucky.

National holidays are no problem in the bigger cities as everything will be open (outside maybe small shops and restaurants) but there is plenty of fun to be had.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san,
Thank you for your reply!
We are interested in visiting Himeji Castle, however I forgot to mention we will also be doing Miyajima that day too so wouldn't fit it in that day. We will visit Osaka castle also. Should we aim to fit Himeji castle in as our must do list??
May have trouble finding a day free?
Thanks again :)


Hello again!

You could also visit Himeji on the way to Osaka, get of the train for 2-3 hours and travel on to Hiroshima after.

I do recommend visiting it, if it is not too much trouble planning in. Its very nice, especially after the recent renovations.


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