questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

itinerary check and japan rail pass

itinerary check and japan rail pass

Hello -

We will be in Japan from August 13 to August 20, 2016. We plan to buy the 7-day japan rail pass. I thought we will reverse our itinerary by going this route:

1) from Narita, take the rail pass straightaway to Kyoto and will use Kyoto as our base hotel for 3 nights.
2) day trip to Hiroshima from Kyoto
3) explore kyoto on August 15.
4) check out hotel on august 16 and take the shinkansen to Osaka, explore Osaka/Nara that day and stay overnight.
5) take train to Yamanashi and explore area staying overnight in one of the spa hotels to experience the onsen bath.
6) take the train again to Kyoto and explore Kyoto for the remaining time.

Is this an efficient itinerary and can we use the pass in all these trips. I am also looking for hotels near the train station to save time.

Will appreciate your help.



Hi there,

You can make very good use of a JR Pass on the route Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Tokyo - Yamanashi - Tokyo (?).
The JR Pass covers travel between all the places and you can make great savings compared to purchasing normal train tickets.

Do note that you still may have to use non-JR transport locally, such as in Kyoto and Yamanashi.

The rest looks very good!

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Daniel -

I will appreciate if you could further help me with the bullet train schedule, logistics and recommended sites to see for the following itinerary (WE ARE BUYING A GREEN/FIRST CLASS 7-day railroad pass.): If you could provide us recommended train trips with time (the earliest plausible time) to make efficient use of our very limited time and the JRP I will sure appreciate that.

Aug 13 Saturday Arrive Narita at 10:35 am, take train to somewhere (what station) to go to Kyoto. Sleeps Kyoto.
Aug 14 Sunday. Day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima from Kyoto. Train, time, how many hours in each and places to see with the restricted time. Sleeps Kyoto.
Aug 15 Monday. Explore Kyoto. Sleeps Kyoto Places to see and mode of transportation appreciated.
Aug 16 Tuesday Day trip to Osaka and Nara (more time in Nara than Osaka?) - train schedule, time, length of stay in each city and places to see. Sleeps Kyoto
Aug 17 Wednesday - take train to Mt. Fuji/Yamanashi. Sleeps Yamanashi. Train to take from Kyoto to Yamanashi.
Aug 18 Thursday - take train to Tokyo, explore Tokyo, sleeps Tokyo. Places to see and transportation.
Aug 19 Friday - Explore Tokyo, sleeps Tokyo. Plases to see and transportation
Aug 20 Saturday - Fly back from Narita at 11:45AM

How mailed, when and how much (including all extra charges if any) are the 7-day first class pass from you? is the 7-day time frame counted on a 24-hour basis so it could cover Aug 13 to Aug 20 in our time frame or is it on a daily basis (Saturday to Friday). Hopefully, this will be my last question.

Thank you so much.

Edna Masbad


Hi Edna Masbad,

The JR Pass is counted in full days, and the first day is counted as a full day, no matter what time you start travelling. The JR Pass would then be valid for Aug 13th to August 19th.

I will also give you the tools, to plan any route yourself. You can use to look up any route and find all the details, including travel time, transfers and so on. We also have a handy guide on how to plan with Hyperdia with all the details.

Hope this helps,

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