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is the 7 day pass worth it for me?

Is the 7 day pass worth it for me?

I'm hoping someone with a bit more knowledge can help me! I'm flying into Osaka on October 31st, and I plan to travel up through Japan to Tokyo, leaving there November 12. My current thoughts are Osaka to Kyoto, Nara, and maybe Kobe, then up to Fuji for a night, and then to Tokyo and flying out of there. I'll be using the train to get to Narita too. But I think the 7 day pass might not be long enough for what I want to do, unless I pay separately for my trip to Kyoto and then activate the pass on the 5th? I don't think I will be traveling enough for a 2 week pass to be worth the price...

I can't figure out if it's worth it for me to get it, or if it would it be cheaper/more convenient to book everything myself. I'd appreciate any help or insight!


Hi there,

For this itinerary it would be best to buy normal tickets as you travel. Generally the JR Pass is a great deal if you make a return trip Osaka - Tokyo. In your itinerary this is basically limited to a one way with stops on the way and there's simply not enough travel for the JR Pass to help you make savings.

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