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is jrp worth it?

Is JRP worth it?

For a Four day visit to Japan arriving in Narita, staying in Central Tokyo, a day trip to Kyoto via the bullet train. but hoping for another day trip to Hakone. Would a 7 day pass be economical?


Hi there,

Yes it would certainly help you to make savings while traveling around in Japan,

Here is a little cost break-down of ticket prices,

Narita Airport --> Tokyo ¥ 3,140
Tokyo --> Kyoto 13,420
Kyoto --> Tokyo 13,420
Tokyo --> Narita Airport ¥ 3,140

For a total of ¥ 33,120, the 7-day JR-Pass is ¥ 28,300 so you would be able to save at least ¥ 4,820, besides this you can use the local JR-Lines in Tokyo and possibly use the bullet train to Odawara if you have time for a visit to Hakone.

Hope this helps and have a good trip!

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Rail fares in Japan tend to be quite expensive. It's a number of years since my family and I visited, but our seven day rail pass saved us lots of money. When I last visited, there were two types of train from Narita airport to Tokyo. One was slow and fairly reasonable, the other was quick and quite expensive. We took the quick train on our rail pass.
I worked it out that by the time we had travelled to Tokyo and were halfway to Nagoya on the bullet train (ps. the Japanese don't call them bullet trains- they're Shinkansen- Super Express) we'd just about broken even with the rail pass compared with buying individual journey tickets. By the time we had got to Kyoto and then Nara and back to Tokyo and Narita, we were quids in. I would certainly advise you to work out carefully your holiday train route, as a rail pass will almost always be the best deal.


ps. I don't know if you're an avid mobile 'phone user. But it's extremely " bad form" to make or receive mobile 'phone calls whilst in your seat. Everybody wishing to make or receive calls, goes to the standing area at the end of the carriage.


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