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is jr pass necessary to use around kix-tyo-mt.fuji-osa-nara-kobe-kix

is JR pass necessary to use around KIX-TYO-MT.FUJI-OSA-NARA-KOBE-KIX

as per subject above, i hope you will justify my curiosity on taking JR Pass or not while im in Japan.

the itinerary still not completed. however, the route may be looks like this.

arrive at Kansai Airport, we have to go direct to Tokyo since we are staying there for 5days4nights.
(planning to active JR pass at Kansai airport for 7days)

the route continue area Tokyo and Mount Fuji. on the next 5 days later we will going to Osaka for another 4days3nights stay.

if we dont take JR pass. what is other option for us to complete the journey.

thank you in advance.


Hi there,

The JR Pass is best used for longer routes in Japan, think of KIX - Tokyo and travel back to Osaka. Travelling this route costs about the same as a 7 day JR Pass, so from here any addition travel would basically be free. Since you do plan on quite a number of trips, I do recommend using a 7 day JR Pass here.

Hope this helps,

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arigato gozaimasu, daniel-san!

your replies very useful for me to justify the curiosity.

sara :)


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