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is jr pass for me in kansai?

Is JR Pass for me in Kansai?

My husband and I are going to Osaka and Kyoto for 10 days next week. We will be first travelling to Kyoto from Kansai Airport, then we will be staying in Kyoto for 4 days before travelling back to Osaka. While we are in Osaka we are thinking to go to Kobe and one nearby city for a day trip. I was wondering if we should buy a 7-day JR Pass.


Hi there,

I think it'll be a close shave and really depend on where you decide to go for your city trip. In general the nationwide JR Pass makes a lot of sense if you intend to use the shinkansen bullet trains during your trip. For example, a return to Hiroshima will be around ¥20,000 - if you chose this as your day trip, then you will only need to spend another ¥8000 for a 7 day JR Pass to be worthwhile. However, if you chose a closer city, such as Wakayama, then it would be harder to recommend a 7 day pass.

Have a good think about where you may go for your day trip and I'll be happy to run the costs for you and give you a recommendation!

Look forwards to hearing from you soon!

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Hi Pinky, if the price difference is marginal, I would always buy a JR pass purely for the extra flexibility that it gives you.You can get on basically any JR train and go anywhere you want at any time. So you can change your plans while there easily.
I have taken many trips with JR pass and rarely have kept to my original plans. With JR pass this is not a problem.



Thanks guys! I think you are right Sean - the price difference is marginal.

Can I use the JR pass when I am actually travel around Kyoto?


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