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is it worth to purchase 7days jr pass? please advice

Is it worth to purchase 7days JR pass? Please advice

I plan to travel to Tokyo Next month, but not sure if 7days will be fully utilise.
Following is the itineary, Please advise

Day 1(9th Nov)
Stay in haneda airport hotel as arrive ard 10pm.
Day2 (10th Nov)
Take limousine bus direct to Disneyland, check in and bag drop.
Stay in Disney hotel
Day3(11th Nov)
Disney Sea and take train to Shinagawa
Check in Hotel at Shinagawa

Activate JR pass in Day 4
Day4(12th Nov)
Shinagawa to Hakone
Day5(13th Nov)
Hakone to Kyoto (can JR pass be use in Kyoto buses?)
Day6(14th Nov)
Day7(15th Nov)
Kyoto to Ueno
Day9(17th Nov)
Ueno to Karuizawa and return to Ueno

Day10(18th Nov)
Shibuya, shinjuku, Ueno,

Buy single ticket to Haneda Airport
Ueno to Haneda airport.


Hello there,

Looks like a great plan, using a 7 day JR Pass from Day 4 to Day 10. This will give you nice savings compared to buying normal rail tickets and cover all your rail travel within this period.

Please note that the bus in Kyoto is not included but there are daily bus tickets available for 500yen.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. I will take note on the Kyoto daily bus ticket. I will purchase the ticket now.:)


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