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is a jr pass worthwhile for our trip?

Is a JR pass worthwhile for our trip?

We are finding the JR train route planning quite confusing! We will be traveling from Tokyo to Matsumoto to Omachi (to take the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route) to Tateyama, Kanazawa, down to Kyoto (with the hope of visiting Kobe too) and back to Tokyo. Does it make sense to buy the JRPass or individual regional train passes?

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Hi there,

A 7 day JR Pass would make sense to get if you make the return to Tokyo within 7 days. However, you'd have to add a little more travel for a 14 day JR Pass to pay off.

You can use the JR Pass Fare Calculator to find an approximate ticket cost of a single route or even your full itinerary.

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