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is 7 days jr pass enough?

Is 7 days JR pass enough?

This is my 3rd visit to Japan. Using JRpass in my previous trip has proved to be very helpful and great saving.

Can you please advise whether 7 days pass is okay for my trip below :

                Stay at          Plan to visit

Day 1 Tokyo around Asakusa, Akihabara, Ginza
Day 2 Tokyo Yokohama, Kamakura
Day 3 Tokyo Mt. Fuji
Day 4 Tokyo to Takayama
Day 5 Takayama and Shirakawago
Day 6 To Osaka
Day 7 Osaka Nagasaki
Day 8 Osaka Hiroshima
Day 9 Osaka Kyoto
Day 10 Osaka Kyoto and Osaka
Day 11 Osaka Osaka city
Day 12 Home

If I activated my JR pass from day 2, meaning I can use it up to day 8.
From day 9 above, use Kansai pass instead.

Please advise if this itinerary is okay ? any suggestion or other city visit is highly appreciated. Wil you suggest me to visit Fukuoka?

I stay in Indonesia. If I purchase by today, can I received the pass before 29 November?

Thank you.


Hi Yasim,

Yes, I recommend using a JR Pass for day 2-8. You can make nice savings this way, especially by both visiting Takayama, Hiroshima a Nagasaki. Though the last one is far away from Osaka, so be sure to research the route beforehand.

Delivery to Indonesia takes 2 business days, so there is enough time if you place the order today.

You could visit Himeji or Fukuoka instead of Nagasaki, this would give you a lot more time to look around, as travel time is a lot shorter.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel for your info.

I've done with the purchase and waiting for it to arrive.

Can you advise whether Fukuoka or Himeji can be done in 1 day or should I stay overnight?
Should I do it better at day 7 or day 8?

Thanks again


Hi again!

Himeji is very easy as a day trip. Fukuoka is further away, so it may be nice to spend the night there if you like. You could also stay the night at Hiroshima and visit Himeji on the way back, as it is directly on the route between Hiroshima and Osaka/Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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