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inter-city train travel in japan

Inter-City Train Travel In Japan

Hi Daniel,

We intend to travel from Sapporo to Lake Kawaguchiko. 2 questions:-
1) Will my JR pass cover the entire journey?
2) How long is the journey?
3) Do I need to break the journey & stay a night along the way or is it possible to complete the journey within the day?
4) If it is better to take a break, where would you recommend as s good stopover (either in terms of scenery or places of interest)?

Hope to hear from you soon as we are flying off to Japan in 4 days' time.

Thank you for your time!

Nancy Chong
Nancy Chong

Hi Nancy Chong,

1.) It covers 97% percent of your travel. The only part between Kawaguchiko - Otsuki (to Tokyo) is travelled on the Fujikyu line, which is not covered by the JR Pass. The rest is.

2.) You can look up the route via, travel time depends on time of day, route travelled and train service used. However a full route from Kawaguchiko - Sapporo takes about 10-11 hours of train travel.

3 - 4.) Given the long trip, I do recommend making a stop along the way. Such as at Sendai or Hakodate. Other nice places on the way are Matsushima and Yamadera.

Hope this helps,

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