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inquiry in jr pass

Inquiry in JR Pass

Hi! I'm from the Philippines and has been granted a 15 days visit in Japan.

I've been asking my friends who has been in Japan on how to use the JR Pass and which specific station should I be drop off but no one is really specific with the answers and I'm a bit frustrated that I might get lost.

This is my Itinerary:

Oct 28 is my arrival in Japan. [Kainsai Airport to Osaka (Fukushima Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan)]
Oct 30 [Osaka to Kyoto]
Nov 03 [Kyoto to Tokyo]

If I get a JR Pass will i save more money or cost me more? Please send me a cost breakdown. Thank you!


Hi there,

We have a great tool that you can use to find the cost of any route in Japan or even your full itinerary. This is the JR Fare calculator.

From reading your itinerary, it will likely be cheaper to buy normal tickets. As you only travel one way from Kansai - Tokyo. A return would quickly make the JR Pass pay of.

Hope this helps,

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