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Will be travelling to Japan this March 2015 with my 11 year old son. We will be travelling for 2 weeks.

Our itinerary:
Mar 2 - arriving Tokyo Narita then travelling to Hakuba,

Mar 2 - 6 , planning to go to Hakuba for skiing
mar 6 overnight in Tokyo.
mar 7 - to Nagoya (but we'd love to drop by Mt Fuji on the way to Nagoya for photo and sight seeing) any suggestion on where to go to get a glimpse of Mt Fuji? Then overnight in Nagoya.
mar 8 - travel to Kyoto. Overnight stay.
mar 9-11 - travel to Osaka /stay for 2 days.
Mar 11-12 - Travel to hiroshima/overnight stay
Mar 12-15 - travel back to Tokyo
Mar 15 - Leave Japan

This i just a tentative plan. Any suggestion to change my itinerary for a better plan will be much appreciated. But Mar 2-6 is reserved for my skiing trip.

Next question, can you please suggest the economical and fastest way to travel to the above itinerary? Do you suggest JR pass? Dont mind taking the bullet train as it will be a good experience for me and my son.

Any suggestion for a cost effective travel plan for transportation?

Thank you for your time



Hello Alain,

Your tentative itinerary looks good. The route works well and there's no unnecessary travel time involved. Also love the added in to Hiroshima, this really adds this bit extra to the trip - be sure to check out Miyajima while you are there.
There are different stops between Tokyo - Nagoya where you can get a great view of Mount Fuji. One stop you could consider is Odawara, the station itself is not very interesting but it provides direct access to the Hakone area, which is known for is beautify and makes for a great Fuji viewing spot. Other worthwhile stops directly between Nagoya and Tokyo include Atami and Gotemba.

The JR Pass is a must for your itinerary. The pass already pays off when you visit Osaka and Hiroshima. You'll make great savings over normal tickets. A lot of travel in your itinerary is done using the Shinkansen, which are all covered by the JR Pass.

I could also give you some more specific recommendations if you tell me what you and your son are interested in.

Hope this helps,

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