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information about jr pass

information about JR Pass

Hi there, I'm going to visit Japan with my parents, and was actually considering about JR Pass. however there are some questions i would like to ask about JR Pass, please kindly help me.

1) if i purchase a 7 days JR Pass, do i get to travel unlimitedly with shinkanshen? And i read that even if i buy JR Pass i still need to make a reservation for Tokaido line. How and where should i make this reservation?

2) Does JR Pass covers the tokyo metro? or should i buy another pass?

3) Once i buy the JR Pass, how do i activate it in narita?

4) How do i use this Pass? is it like a ticket that i just tap into the machine or i need to retrieve it for another ticket everytime i want to use it?

Thankyou in advance :)


Hi there,

1.) Yes the JR Pass allows for unlimited rides during it's validity period. Here is how to make seat reservations.

2.) The Metro is not included. You can purchase a Metro day pass for the metro for 750yen per day. It is also possible to just buy normal tickets as you travel.

3.) Here's how to activate the JR Pass at Narita Airport.

4.) You just show the JR Pass to the staff and board the train, no additional tickets are needed. However you can also get seat reservations for Shinkansen and limited express trains. In those cases, go to a ticket window and just show your pass and tell the staff where you wish to travel. They will then vind the best route for you.

Hope this helps,

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