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i am an american soldier in korea

i am an american soldier in Korea

I am an american soldier in Korea, but I will be taking a vacation in Japan. I live on an Army base in Korea. I read some of the prior questions asked and I understand you do not deliver to PO boxes but would you deliver to a military building where people work and could my co workers or some one in my chain of command sign for the pass for me. By the way we have a FedEx place here on post also. Another option I have been looking at is that I could have it sent to my Korean girlfriend house but could she sign for it and would you mail it to a Korean address and I am sure the address needs to be in Hangul . Please give me some advise and let me know what I need to do.


Hi there!

Yes, we can deliver to any address except PO boxes, so provided there is someone available to receive your rail pass you should be fine. If you do choose to have your rail pass mailed to your girlfriends address, please enter the address in romanised Korean - the FedEx services actually all operate using this system so it will not be a problem.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, you answered my question well.


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