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i am a little confused.

I am a little confused.

I will be in Japan for 12 days, 8 nights in Ueno and 3 nights in Osaka. We ( son and I) intend to go take Shinkensan to Osaka ( Nozomi line so the pass is not eligible for this?) but otherwise we will pretty much be sight seeing around Tokyo ( Disneyland and other sights) and in Osaka ( universal studios and other sights) My question would be would it be beneficial for us to get a pass, we are going to be flying from Osaka back to Narita before we fly out so no return train trip there.. IT is confusing to me about city travel, please could someone help explain


If you are flying from Osaka back to Tokyo, then a 7 day pass would not be cost effective for you, unless you significantly increased your itinerary, such as a day trip to Hiroshima/Miyajima. With the Pass, as you mentioned, you cannot take the Nozomi bullet trains, but if you buy regular tickets then of course it is fine.

Best of luck.


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