questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

how to use jr pass at local train and temporary visitor stamp.

How to use JR Pass at local train and temporary visitor stamp.


I am going to Japan this weekend for solo traveling. I have some questions:
1. If I use JR Pass, how to use it for local train? Does every station has manned gate?

  1. I use ic-passport and visa waiver sticker to enter Japan. The jr pass' website said that I have to present my passport with "Temporary Visitor" stamp meanwhile I can use autogate. Does ic passport and visa waiver holdee does not have to receive the stamp?

Thank you..



Hi Leonarda,

1.) Yes, every station has a manned gate. If you travel in really quiet areas, you may be checked on the train instead of on the station.

You will receive a stamp in your passport, which is also your visa. Show this to the JR Staff when exchanging the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,


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