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how to use hokuriku jr pass travel from osaka to toyama and return to kyoto?

How to use Hokuriku JR Pass travel from Osaka to Toyama and return to Kyoto?

I have plan to travel to Toyama start from Osaka and return to Kyoto by riding the Limited Express Thunderbird and use Hokuriku JR Pass.
But the pass doesn't valid from both Osaka and Kyoto, the nearest station which the pass can be use is Tsuruga / Maibara station.
How to ride the Thunderbird through Toyama without transfer at Tsuruga or Maibara by using Hokuriku JR Pass?

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Hi Pim,

I am not completely sure about your question but I have little information about this pass you are referring to. It's actually the first time that I have heard of it.

Sorry but unfortunately I can't help you here.

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your reply.
The JR Hokuriku Area Pass is a rail pass for exclusive use by foreign tourists available from May 2014 through February 2015. It provides pass holders with four consecutive days of unlimited travel on designated JR train lines (including unreserved seats on limited express trains) in the Hokuriku Region. It can be a good pass for exploring the area around Kanazawa, Kaga Onsen, Fukui and other attractions in the region.



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